Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Current news!

So I know this isn't exactly related to technology but I was wondering about what peoples thoughts were about the president's push for longer school years?

personally I have mixed feelings about this topic and i was wondering what others of you out there are thinking about it?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

First impressions

So it is a few weeks into my online course and there is a mix of different thoughts and feelings that I have about the class. First off let me sat that material that the professor is interesting. For instance tonight I learned about Wiki textbooks that can be created and a portable library (essentially) called Kindle. I think that our culture is becoming a paperless one whether we like it or not. Are there any teachers that have used these technologies in their classroom? Have they been successful? (just curious). Overall the course has been more in depth and informative than i first expected it to be.
Though it is nice to not waste time going to and from a physical class every week, i feel that I would grasp the information (especially the readings) better than I am currently online. I guess I am a learned that has to incorporate an event into the learning new knowledge process. Also on the subject of the readings, I think I would learn more from them if the discussion questions incorporated them somehow.
The lecture podcasts on the otherhand are good. What a great way for teachers to record lessons, especially is a student is sick for a period of time, the teacher is able though podcasts to keep them up to speed. Are there any grade school teachers that have used podcasts before in their classroom? Just curious.
Though there are ups and downs the class overall has sparked my interest in technology and has given me quality information and ideas that I take with me when I enter the school as a teacher :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

- Welcome -

hey everyone!
Welcome to my blog! Join me as I learn about a variety of different technologies that can be incorporated into a teacher's curriculum. Hopefully my learning experience will also be a learning experience for those of you who read it (and maybe spark some ideas or get some neat tips). Enjoy!!