Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Softwware

While exploring online for some educational software to use in my future classroom I kept coming across a classroom management software called LanSchool.
Here is the URL for the official software website:

For those that don't know this software helps teachers with classroom management when there is work done on computers. It mainly allows the teacher to observe the students' work on the computers, block certain websites, as well as allowing students to interact with their peers and teacher while working on the computer. Their main website provides some simple but great information about their software and how to use it.

The only downside to this program is that it does cost some money. A couple hundred for the year was the average pricing (but it depended on how it was being used and the number of classrooms using it). There is a 30 day trail that teachers can use if they so choose. Overall though for the quality of the program the price was not horrible (but then again I did not compare it to other similar software).

I also found some reviews about poeple who used the software and all of them were positive; there was not one negative comment on this sotfware :)

I guess the only question that I have is if these kinds of software are truly helpful in the classroom? I have never heard of these kinds of software before and they sound interesting, but do they really work?